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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Are we having fun?

A few summers ago I went to Italy with a few cousins, a few aunts, and my grandmother. While there, our tour guide, Fabi, was quite the slave driver. My grandmother's famous catch phrase "you can sleep when you're dead" never made more sense (although the very superstitious Italians weren't happy to hear us say it). Anywho...

One lovely evening, after a grueling day of touring, we sat at dinner (which was, as usual, a table covered with fabulous food, and even more fabulous wine) totally exhuasted, my Aunt Judy asked, "Are we having fun?"

To which Aunt Susan answered, "We're having WINE!"

Well, we learned something about my Aunt Susan that night, and naturally this became the theme of the trip.

So, I wasn't shocked when I came upon this picture on my cousin Joe's blog a few days ago...
There was my Aunt Susan, living it up at a tailgate party! :)


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